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A few years after the recession I lost a job I’d been at for 20 years, so we used credit cards to fill the gap.

You make the minimum payments but you’re not able to really pay down the debt. Next thing you know, you’re in trouble again. There was a point in time when I told my husband, we can’t keep living this way, we’ve got to find a solution, and if the solution meant selling our house...well he just was not ready to sell the house at that time. Point solved two problems. We got to stay in our home, so he got what he wanted, and I got the debt relief that I was looking for.

Issaquah, WA

I like being self-employed, but loan options tend to be very frustrating because the banks require a lot to qualify.

You have all this equity in your house, but maybe you don’t have a good credit score or your debt-to-income is too high. I’m always keeping my eye out for possible real estate investments. That was a motivation—to be able to have access to that equity rather than have it just sit there and do nothing for me. In my case, with Point, I was able to put myself in a position of financial freedom. Point was that connector that connected me from point A to point B.

Burbank, CA

My wife and I were looking for funds to renovate our kitchen, bathrooms, and yard.

But we didn’t want to add to our debt load or have an extra monthly payment. Point provided the cash we needed to upgrade our house, which will increase its value and our equity. As a bonus, because we knocked out some debt with the funds, my base credit score jumped 27 points within a month of closing. This program was the alternative that had all of the right terms for me.

Danville, CA

After Point I’m back on track and gaining financial strength.

I’ve been able to pay off some larger bills, re-establish my 401k contributions, set up an IRA, and set up a traditional savings account for any rainy day emergencies.

Issaquah, WA

I used the equity Point freed up for me to buy a couple cars in Guatemala and start my own taxi business.

It’s feeding me an extra $600 per month. Plus, I now have substantial backup reserves in the bank, all my debt is gone, and my credit score jumped 70 points. My financial situation was a little complicated, but Point was really understanding and easy to work with.

Revere, MA

I was looking for a HELOC, but the monthly payments were high because interest rates had gone up.

I was wondering how I could get around that when I came across a Point ad. The money from Point allowed me to clean up old debt, clean up the yard, and have a little extra left over to do things around the house that needed to be done. Point is a wonderful alternative.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Point really came through.

Point was so easy to work with. It was a big weight off my shoulders and a breath of fresh air. It was a great experience.

Novato, CA

The process was smooth, and the turn-around was faster than expected.

The process was smooth, and the turn-around was faster than expected. I was very impressed with my representative Ahmad's customer service. Whenever I had a question (and I'm someone who asks a lot of them), he got back to me very quickly and made the answers really easy to understand.

Los Angeles, CA

Point literally changed my life.

By partnering with Point, I was able to eliminate my high interest credit cards while actually saving money each month toward my family’s future. The process is very straightforward and simple.

San Mateo, CA

I think the whole experience was great.

The best part was how easy and streamlined the process was. There wasn't a lot of back and forth, which I really appreciated.

Mountain View, CA

I paid off my debt and am looking forward to seeing a much improved credit score...

I had a great experience with Point. Everything was well explained and went relatively quickly. I paid off my debt and am looking forward to seeing a much improved credit score in a few months!

San Jose, CA

Point is an excellent alternative financing method.

If someone is considering doing a refinance, getting a HELOC, or getting a new credit card, they should be sure to put Point on their list. Point can be the best option for someone in my situation, but people may not be aware of this way to use the equity in their real estate. Point is an excellent alternative financing method. Everything was very clear throughout the process, and Elissa was great to work with. There was nothing unnecessary—no busywork or added complexity. Our experience with Point has been completely positive.

La Jolla, CA

Point made me feel very safe in my decision.

I found Point to be very responsive and communicative, and very good at explaining everything. My representative Elissa was wonderful to work with. Point made me feel very safe in my decision.

Mountain View, CA

Point provides the opportunity to stabilize your financial situation without adding costly monthly payments.

Point was as knowledgeable about the financial industry and options as traditional bankers but they are real people with a real voice and are interested in a financial partnership that benefits both sides. Point would work well for anyone who has a financial area that needs some assistance; building credit, cleaning up credit, debt consolidation, remodels or major expenses incurred or anyone who wants to un-burden themselves from a negative financial situation. Ultimately Point provides the opportunity to stabilize your financial situation without adding costly monthly payments.

Point was a game-changer for us. After a rocky time due to the recession, we were in debt, owed back taxes, had flawed credit and although we were making a decent income, could not recover. Point allowed us to pull some equity out of our home and radically stabilize our financial situation in numerous ways. We are on our way to re-building our financial future and taking back control.

Burlingame, CA

Point has definitely given me more breathing room.

Point was able to free up my finances where I can now pay down debt, manage my utilization, and grow my savings. I have even been able to make improvements to my home.

Seattle, WA

Our credit scores are almost 800 now.

It was an incredible opportunity Point gave us. So far everything has been wonderful. We have no debt and are in a great financial situation.

Los Angeles, CA

The process was clear, precise, friendly, professional and expedient.

Everything went exactly as scheduled. The experience was one I'd certainly share with others who may benefit from your services. I thank you so very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Fremont, CA

It was a great experience.

I loved the plan. Everything Point did was quick and helpful.

Santa Clara, CA

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